Saturday, April 22, 2006

Isn't icecream just icecream?

What a day when Ben & Jerry's get in trouble for an icecream name: Black and Tan. Well people in Dublin are hughly offended at the name. They feel that the name is insensitive to a militia group during their independence in the 1920's. It really got its inspiration from a beer name: Black and Tan. I think the World needs to take a step back and realize that icecream is just icecream.

"I can't believe that Ben & Jerry's would be so insensitive to call an ice cream such a name and to launch it as a celebration of Irishness ... it's an insult!" wrote one blogger on"

"Ben & Jerry's was built on the philosophies of peace and love," he added

Get a life Dublin and make it a double scoop.

What do you do when a Communist visits the US sleep?

Well- Cheney nevers seems to amaze me. It is not just Cheney, it is the whole current administration. It makes a mockery of the system. So why am I so pissed? First I am pissed because at this meeting Bush was speaking of how he is going to work on relations with China. Then, he went on to talk about gas prices. Give me break you are not going to do a damn thing. It is going into your pocket Bush we know your family is in the oil business. How about work for the citizens of your country and not your wallet. I cant take it.

To top it of I was reading the Huffington Post and I see dumb ass Dick Cheney was sleeping during the meeting with Bush and Hu of China. What a putz! No wonder why people have no respect for the United States!

Is really having a baby worth some much coverage?

My follow Toledoian Katie Holmes had a baby.BIG DEAL. You would have thought Jesus was re-born the way the papers, online media, and entertainment shows covered it. Not that they just covered it that day. It has been on CNN, FOX, E, AND other big stations on a loop for hours at a time. Do I care that Tom Cruise is a new dad, not really. When did he become so freaking powerful. I am so sick of it. I think Katie brainwashed- RUN GIRLFRIEND.

How ironic was it that Brooke Shields was in the same hospital giving birth on the same day. I thought that was the best story. It was poetic justice for Tom Cruise Al-mighty. How is this baby frenzy getting more attention than gas prices going through the roof, Bush's press secretary resigning, and we are still at war??

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A soldier refusing to go to Iraq gives you 8 months in jail

Mr. Smith of Britain refused last year to go to Iraq. He said that the United States is like Nazi Germany( which I don't agree to that part so much). I do applaud his view that he feels that crimes are being committed in Iraq and he wanted no part. The judge however felt that because the United Nations backed Britain going into war that his defense would not fly. The judge questioned him why he did not just resign... His sentence however was very harsh in my eyes for a person standing up for their beliefs! He was kicked out of the Air Force , fined 20,000 pounds, and a jail sentence. Smith was the only witness called in this case. The judge felt that he was to arrogant in the matter.

'Defense lawyer Justin Hugheston-Roberts issued a statement after the verdict, saying Kendall-Smith would appeal.He feels that his actions were totally justified and he would not, if placed in the same circumstances, seek to do anything differently," he added.

If we had more people that wanted to stand up and challenge our government...we would be out of their sooner than later.

Dressing Like a Ninja on a College campus...What?

Well.... I thought I have heard it all. But leave it to the ATF and a student dressed as a ninja to surprise me.

A sophomore in Georgia was running through a campus ...Dressed like a ninja. Here is what happened.

"Jeremiah Ransom told The Red & Black student newspaper that he had left a Wesley Foundation pirate vs. ninja event when he was snared by agents with guns drawn."

First what kind of event has pirates and ninjas attending? Secondly, I guess I do feel safe that if I ever see a ninja on our campus or running in the streets that ATF would save the day. Way to go 2006 can things get any weirder?

Who is to blame at DUKE

At first when I heard about the rape at Duke I was irate! My thought was how could these guys to this to a woman, A whole team did this to someone? But now reading this blog from Michael Smerconish now I am really confused. Smerconish did bring up intelligent comments about how there really has not been much high caliber in investigative reporting on this story. He went on about the accusers past. She did have a record from four years ago. I don't know if you can hold a candle to that though. Who here has not regretted something from four- five years ago? Does that make her a liar?

It did come out that all the DNA samples taking from the boys came up negative.... I think there is something fishing going on here, When pictures were developed it showed the accuser smiling and lying on the porch. This blog that I read basically said because of that evidence she is hence again a liar.

Towards the end of the blog is when I really got angry.

" I say, it's the revenge of the nerds. Most journalists would never be chosen for a pickup game of hoops, let alone a varsity sport. As a group, they take perverse pleasure in bringing down the BMOC, however undeserved.

What went on in Kobe Bryant's case and at LaSalle last year and now at Duke? Those who were never selected for sports are getting their chance to vent at those who did. And they crucify these young men with gleeful speed. While the "victims" are allowed to remain anonymous and are not prosecuted for their tales, the athletes they accuse are not afforded the same treatment.

These young men are the real victims, no quotation marks necessary."

What ???? Is this 50 years ago where women did not have a voice. No wonder why when women are raped and they want to tell their story men's hormones get in the way of their brain and they loose common sense. I am not saying she was or was not raped but these comments from this author make it hard to believe that women have a voice anymore. I feel that if she would come forward and say it did not happen that maybe a small part of me would say her face could be shown.

How about alittle respect here?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Immigration Debate

The intention of this entry is not to offend anyone, it is just my view.
The immigration debate has sparked fury the past few weeks. But why now? I understand that Congress is trying to change the law and I agree with them. This issue has been ready to explod ethe past decade. It has been put at the wasteside for decades.But the LA Times posted and article saying how Jeb Bush is hurt how the discussions are toned. He is married to an immigrant that came here legally, so what is his point. I will be marrying an immigrant that came here legally and we don't see eye to on on this issue. People are not accusing immigrants of being criminals but they should be held accountable for being here illegally. I know that the laws are tough enough as it is and it costs about 10 thousand dollars to get your green card. But what is everyone so upset, at least the government is trying to give them a chance to recieve legal documents. This country was based on immigrants yes, I can agree to that. But I cannot agree to the hysteria that illegal immigrants and their families are making. This is the land of opportunity and freedom. But there are processes that we all have to abide by to live here. I would not move to another country expect to get the same protections of a legal resident of their land. On the other hand, I have not seen people standing up for much in the world we live in. It is actually nice to know that people care about sensitive issues like these and not just what is on television or what the magazines have to say about pop culture. Keep the debate going on and maybe we will gain some respect as a nation. I think that if immigrants want to come here that is great but it should be legally! If those 11 million undocumented immigrants were to become legal and pay taxes like everyoen else, our country would be in better shape.,0,4076175.story?coll=la-home-nation

Homeland Security needs to elevate its color on its employees

As we all have heard that press secretary Brian Doyle of Homeland Security was arrested. Not for going after bad men. He decided to solicit teenagers on the internet. What was his excuse? Depression. I am sorry but in my opinion can you just hold it your pants and not point fingers on depression. Own up to your faults buddy. I find it disgusting that someone with such a high rank has done something like this. But that is okay with this administration , he will get pat on the back and say way to go Doyle.

"This case shows that the seemingly anonymous Internet sexual predator comes with many faces," Gansler said.

Dont you think it is time that our government should put laws and regulations on the internet? Or will this open pool of molesters continue to look for prey?

Here is the story from the Washington Post.

Who is grinning now Delay?

I think you all should read the Huffington Post. She uses such humor in her blogs and exclaims what the hell everything means in lameness terms.

Huffington did a cute blog on Tom Delay's exit. At least there is some justice in the world. Tom Delay stepped down as respresentative. He did not say anything about the 1.3 Million dollars he had stashed in a account for future election but brought prayer into the picture.'

"I have no regrets today and no doubts," Mr. Delay said. "I am proud of the past, I am at peace with the present and I'm excited about the future, which holds as always America's brightest days and mine, too."

But isn't ironic that he is just pulling out of the election pool so that money would be transferred to his legal fees. Good Luck Virginia , he is coming your way.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chefs and Scientology don't mix

I don't think that I have officially watched an entire South Park episode. I guess I am different than the millions that know every episode word for word. It was all over the news this past week that Isaac Hayes left the show because of the sensitivity to an episode about Scientology. A morning talk show host named Tom Joyner asked well what about all the times South Park made fun of Christianity, blacks, etc. I would have to agree that Hayes was cashing in on all the controversy material and this is really skeptical in my view. Also, I want to know how and when did Tom Cruise get so much power it is starting to get annoying. I liked him better dancing in his shirt, underwear, and socks. This is when he still had a personality that was on this planet.

Bye Bye Katie

Well. New York Post is reporting that Katie Couric is leaving the peacock. She is heading to the CBS news. Her replacement is looking like Meredith Vieira, what a pick. I think it is a great move. I used to love Katie Couric until I heard that she will not read from a prompter and someone has to get paid to hold up cue cards for her. My view has changed from oh what a sweetie to ho what a snob. I love Meredith Vieira but how can she leave her pals on the view? I know how, a $20 million dollar paycheck.

"It almost sounds desperate: "Very few other TV personalities capable of taking over the rigorous morning-show grind are available," Don Kaplan writes.

In my opinion I know of a few 2006 graduates who would be willing to take the job for more than 75 % of Vieira’s price. Lol

Wrong Priorities

Recently, a tennis player was kicked off her Tennessee State team and had her scholarship relinquished. For what you may ask? Well, she decided to get educated on journalism and the rights of a reporter. This was a funded and sponsored trip by her college. But the coach told her not to go...she did.

'The fact of the matter is that I need practical experience in writing, editing, and proofing to make myself marketable within my field. But apparently the entire athletic department doesn’t share the values that I place on my educational experience. "

But does this say to future athletes that want to have a profession outside of sports. My opinion is that schools should represent themselves as educators and not censors.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good job GOP'S

Republican Senate Raises Debt Limit--Again

Well Bush did it again well along with his Republican party. Recently, the GOP's have voted to increase the military budget by over 700 million dollars. Okay poeple when are they going to see this is out of control? Well, the democrats did and not one democrat senator voted for this extra money.We now have a debt of over $8 trillion. If this continues, we are going to face a crisis.

On the daily kos blog, they look into how the federal deficit has quadrupled since Bush has been in office. Today I heard a funny story. This is the man that runs our country...the one who looks at binoculars with the lenses covered, who is not recognizing that Iraq is having a civil war, and knew about the category 5 storm and did nothing.

News for Sale

Is there a cost for news? It seems there is for 4.8 Billion dollars Knight-Ridder has been bought out by the o McClatchy for that amount. I think that in day where mass media can be boiled down to dollars and cents and not the contents is sad. But the owner of Knight-Ridder is sitting pretty with $94 million coming his way. But what will happen to the employees once the takeover is complete, will there jobs still be there for those who have worked for them for many years or is the owner the only one with a sweet deal? Media mergers have become apart of the world we live in. So ,do we have to live with it or can we protest? Well there are no mom and pop papers that I know of that we can read..


You would think the debate about the Dubai Ports World taking over American ports, would be a serious one. However, CNN takes the cake. They did a poll asking whether you would rather have arab companies have control of ports or have american mafia run the ports. Read the results .... is this a joke or did over 500,000 people really vote on this topic. I agree with the author that the person who created this poll...that his mother must be proud.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I read an article that George Will wrote about David Irving . Irving grew up as a anti-semitic person. He denies the Holocaust. He was arrested when he went back to Austria. Mr. Will says what type of danger does Irving pose....alot. He helps right-winged students! I am also offended by the language he uses throughout this piece.

"Laws criminalizing Holocaust denial open a moral pork barrel for politicians: Many groups can be pandered to with speech restrictions. Why not a law regulating speech about slavery? Or Stalin's crimes?
Some defenders of the prosecution of Irving say that Europe -- and especially Austria, Hitler's birthplace -- rightly has, from recent history, an acute fear of totalitarians. But that historical memory should cause Europe to recoil from government-enforced orthodoxy about anything."

How about he should follow his countries rules... i dont believe this is a matter of free speech.

Holocaust that he said in 1989.

Affordable Housing....not

If you ever have a dream of owning a home in the next few years and you're working a entry level media job...good luck. Articles are showing up in several South Florida papers that explain the average home price is well over 250, laughable.

I am lucky I was able to purchase a home two years ago but I am stuck in a city where I dont want to leave. But we can not afford to buy a new home..In this age you would need to make over $90,000 to purchase a home...right out of school...okay that is a nice dream.

"Three-quarters of Broward households earn less than $77,000 a year, but would need to earn $91,000 to afford the current median price of $361,000 for a single-family home. The median sales price of a condo is $193,000, but roughly half the households don't earn the $50,000 a year needed to buy such a place."

Well I am sure this means that the population will cool off which is good for the driving on the roads. But my biggest concern is that the housing does not correlate with low-paying jobs. Does anyone want to move to Kansas with me so I can have a spacious home and still put food in my fridge?,0,318781.story


How ironic that this tape with Bush came out about Katina! The Washington Post article looks deeper into the Bush tape that pin points him in Texas before the Hurricane. That is not the point. The point is that Mike Brown of FEMA was on top of things....and Bush was not.

How interesting that the media spun the story that Brown had no control. What good spin Bush used to point all the blame at Brown.

What again does it take to impeach a president? Not getting the troops home, sit by and wait for a category 5 hurricane, let the population of New Orleans in dispair for more than 3 days? Do you think Bush will get off his ass and start worrying about the citizens of this country. We need help Bush....we are tired of teh bush---it

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I read another funny story today. I guess many NPR listeners are getting offended by how the reporters refer to President Bush. They don't like when they say Mr. Bush. Here is what I think there are many other names that I could call that man who does not care about the state of this country.... are you with me?

I just read a great article on Poynter’s blog and FAU had a participatory role in it. The article covered a study that was completed at Duke University along with a marketing professor here at FAU. Since, the Oscars are a couple of days away I find this post fitting. The study found that movie critics don’t even bother to write or critique about “bad” movies. They found that many critics just feel overwhelmed by the selection of movies. To me I found it humorous. First of all who really reads reviews anyways besides the actors?

“Our results show that critic silence is actually quite informative about movies, a valuable source of relevant information that should not be overlooked," the authors wrote. "Our model demonstrates that the fact that an expert is silent about a product may imply a positive or a negative review, depending on the expert."

Who is doing their homework?Roger Ebert of course. But look how much money he makes in review stink bombs or Oscar worthy flicks.

Ipod & Nascar what a combo

Well guys, I might be little technically challeneged and don't own anIpod but I dont understand this story. The Media drop covered a story on the company Apple and the fact that they are now going to work with Nascar. Do people really need behind the scenes of Nascar?? I just dont believe what a media driven and fast paced society that we live in. If you think about it; what would you do with out a computer, cell phone, tivo or an ipod. My opinion is that all Ipods should be destroyed. Dont get me wrong I love music and grew up on Hip-Hop since was good. But I feel that Apple is aiding citizens to not look, speak or interact with anyone. I just dont think it is right. Well .But I do know this; technology has gotten way out of hand.

I feel like this adds to my point in previous posts about how technology is stealing our manners. Ipod must have had inkling on this one. Anytime I see someone with an Ipod they avoid all eye contact and conversation. God forbid for those people like me that would rather interact with people and not hide from others. I just find it weird. Don’t get me wrong Ipod lovers out there. I am a huge music lover like the rest. I grew up on Hip- Hop since it was born and still good. But I don’t need Apple to control my life. Look up people there is a whole new world out there for you to look at.